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Clock is one of the games in Solitaire Suite, a collection of 120 fun and challenging solitaire card games including a combination of popular and original games by RikkiGames.


Clock layout


Use one pack of cards.

Shuffle and deal out all of the cards facing down to create thirteen stacks with four cards each. Twelve of the stacks should be in the same position as the numbers on a clock and the thirteenth stack should be in the middle.

Turn over the top card in the middle stack.


To complete all the numbers around the clock face before exposing the last king.


Faced up cards are moved to the stack with a clock number corresponding to the card value. Kings are moved to the central stack.

When a card is moved to a stack, it is placed at the bottom of it and the top card in that stack is turned over.

Once a stack consists of four faced up cards corresponding to the clock face, it is no longer in play.

When the last King has been exposed, the game has finished.

Clock Solitaire in play


Consider getting rid of particular card suits early.


Image of clock patience whilst in play.

The current card is the Eight of Spades

The stacks at One-O-Clock, Five-O-Clock, Six-O-Clock, Seven-O-Clock and Ten-O-Clock are complete.

Note: These rules are for the game Clock as implemented by RikkiGame's "Solitaire Suite". Other rules for variations of this game may exist.